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    119: Comic Artist Christine Larsen

    Christine Larsen is a comic artist and illustrator. Christine works with Dark Horse, Image, IDW, Boom! Studios, Simon & Schuster, and the Cartoon Network. She is an adjunct instructor at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia.

    Most recent project, ORCS!, is available through Boom! Studios

    Quote: When you get an artistic idea, “hold your nose and jump in”

    Art supplies:

    Christine’s favourite medium is brush and ink. She also uses a watercolour round brush, or a Raphael Kalinsky line brush.

    Bombay black India ink

    Black Star ink

    Strathmore Bristol 300 series sketchbooks



    118: Zine Mogul Ed Kemp

    Ed is a zinester from New Jersey. He’s been making and creating zines for the past 10 years, but he’s been into the zine scene since the 90’s, when he came across them through the skate and punk rock scenes.


    The only rule in the zine world, is don’t be a jerk.

    “If you really want to make a zine, you probably should”

    “The only thing that is stopping you is yourself”

    “Making zines doesn’t have to be expensive. If you can do anything you can make a zine” about that thing 

    117: Urban Sketching with Tina Koyama

    Tina Koyama has been an urban sketcher for about 10 years.


    @miatagrrl on Instagram

    Her career was in writing; she’d always been creative but had never drawn. She heard about urban sketching, gave it a try & realised that it resonates with her. 

    For Tina, urban sketching is very personal. She’s documenting the things she sees every day, creating a visual record of her life. 

    Tina believe urban sketching has a superpower. When she sketches, her memory becomes embedded with the sites, sounds, smells , light etc that was there in the moments she was sketching. When she looks at past work, she is reminded of all of that. She doesn’t get that from any other medium. 

    Currently Tina’s sketch kit contains about 20 coloured pencils, a water brush, a soft graphite pencil, a uni pen marker with a brush nib & a Stillman & Birn Beta sketchbook. 

    To newcomers to urban sketching, Tina says ‘start with whatever you’re comfortable with, with whatever you have. If it works for you (a particular art supply or medium), just use it.’ 

    ‘Do it regularly. If not daily, then regularly, so the practice is reinforced.’

    116: Mary Doodles

    A talk about earning an independent income as an artist, and following inspiration. Mary is an artist, creator, adventurer, and all-round curious person. She is currently inspired by attention, reactions, noise, visuals, emotional things and getting out of her own way.

    June 2021 is the 10 year anniversary of her YouTube channel. Mary’s “Sip n Sketch” live streams on YouTube are a way for her to connect with Doodle Bugs (her name for her fans), to have fun and be loose when creating. They remind Mary of when she was in high school, drawing on her friends arms, and other places 🙂


    It’s easy to get too caught up on what the end product will be and whether it’s good or bad and honestly my philosophy as an artist is it’s none of your business as to whether it’s good or bad, like you don’t get to choose. All you’re responsible for is deciding “Is this ready to be released”? “Do I put this out there?”, or do I say “it’s done”?

    Mary can be found at marydoodles.com

    She’s Mary doodles on Instagram, YouTube, and doodlesmary on tictok 

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