115: Collage Art with Margarete Miller

Margarete Miller is a collage artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She discovered collage art after having kids, needing something for herself. Margarete said she first tried sewing, but hated it, then tried collage and loved the feeling she had when a piece was completed.

Margarete wants to share with others the joy she gets from collage. That’s why she teaches. It has made a huge difference in her life. Margarete wants to encourage people to create. She does this through her monthly Take 3 challenge and weekly collage assignments.

Art supplies for collage:

Glue is critical to collage but the brand or type isn’t. Double sided tape is important, ensure it is good quality. When looking for things to use in collages, look at garage sales, library book sales, estate sales, stamps, labels on food packaging or similar.

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