116: Mary Doodles

A talk about earning an independent income as an artist, and following inspiration. Mary is an artist, creator, adventurer, and all-round curious person. She is currently inspired by attention, reactions, noise, visuals, emotional things and getting out of her own way.

June 2021 is the 10 year anniversary of her YouTube channel. Mary’s “Sip n Sketch” live streams on YouTube are a way for her to connect with Doodle Bugs (her name for her fans), to have fun and be loose when creating. They remind Mary of when she was in high school, drawing on her friends arms, and other places 🙂


It’s easy to get too caught up on what the end product will be and whether it’s good or bad and honestly my philosophy as an artist is it’s none of your business as to whether it’s good or bad, like you don’t get to choose. All you’re responsible for is deciding “Is this ready to be released”? “Do I put this out there?”, or do I say “it’s done”?

Mary can be found at marydoodles.com

She’s Mary doodles on Instagram, YouTube, and doodlesmary on tictok 

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